Do you wake-up practically every day dreading going to your computer because you need “to be creative” and for the first hour (or two, or three) just STARE at that blank screen of yours hoping against all hope your computer is going to magically give you inspiration?

Or does picking-up that stylus pen feels twenty pounds heavier and you just. Can. Not. Do. The. Thing?

Also, do you know how digital artists hate the thought of being uninspired with creative block when staring at a blank canvas?

Additionally, do you know how hard it is for most digital artists to prepare their mind and body for inspiration and clarity?

And finally, deep down you know that fancy-schmancy tablet of yours with all its features and crystal-clear screen is mocking you for just not getting your mojo-kicked-into-gear to just draw something? 



Well, what I do is make digital drawing warmups easy for digital artists just like you so you can prepare your mind and body for inspiration and clarity by loosing up your muscles, correct your posture, reduce drawing fatigue, improve your range of motion and increase overall productivity in a 30 minute session... without being uninspired with creative block when most digital artists are staring at a blank canvas.



Every day at 1:30pm AST (12:30pm New York/Toronto time) fire-up that computer or tablet or even that Leap Motion of yours and join us for an energetic, hyped-up extravaganza that will get your creative juices flowing. 

Each day we will be using either Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Blender’s Grease Pencil and draw warm-up circles, squares, triangles, straight lines, wavy lines, spirals and more all to the beat of inspiring, uplifting and modern music.



•  Launch your favorite drawing or painting program with a new blank canvas.

•  Then you host Titan will give a real quick overview what we’ll be doing. In this example, Titan will say we are going to begin with straight lines.

•  Then, we prepare ourselves to get comfortable to begin drawing.

•  Next, when the music starts, every time you hear a beat, you will draw a line.

•  Hear another beat, draw another line.

•  And you keep drawing lines to each beat.

•  Then! Like an aerobic Spin Class or cardiovascular dance workout class doing punches and kicks, Titan will tell you that we are to draw circles next, to the beat of the music.

•  And we keep drawing those circles to the beat of the music on our tablets or on our computer.

•  Then, Titan will change things up again by saying we draw these circles in the other direction… to the beat of the music.

•  And we keep going! — following Titan’s directions until the session is done!

•  And don’t worry if you are not an artist and you cannot draw; never mind even to the beat of the song.

•  Because there is Low-Impact and High-Impact drawing.

•  Low-Impact is one stroke to every 3-beats.

•  High-Impact is one stroke to every single beat.

•  And we do not care about "what" you draw.

•  We care that you participate and have fun doing it!



Because we can be sure that warming-up your drawing skills with others in an interactive energetic way warms up your body, specifically your fingers, wrist and shoulders through movement and gets those creative juices flowing.

In essence, these warm-ups are to prepare you mentally and physically for your chosen creative activity because your eyes and brain need some time to process information differently from the real world when we are making art.

During Titan's warm-ups, we would begin with a lower pace with simple shapes, then increase the tempo gradually over time with a final cooldown near the end. During these 30-minute sessions you can remain at low-impact or rise to high-impact when you feel comfortable doing so. Then if things get a little too much or too quick, you can always jump down to low-impact or at a pace you are most comfortable with.



And remember to take a break drawing during these warmups and drink plenty of fluids because even though you may be sitting at a desk, you can still get fatigued so please, take a break and drink some fluid when you feel you need to.



Still not sure? Drop in during our scheduled warm-up stream and lurk around. Then, if you do want to participate, join right in! We’re sure you are going to have a great time!