While you are watching and/or participating in any of my LIVE streams or watching something on OTT (over the top) or VOD (video on demand), remember:

•  Do not Bully anyone!

•  Absolutely no racism, sexism or homophobia will be tolerated. Be respectful of others enjoying this stream.

•  No politics, who is up for election, who said what, who did what, whatever! Please. For the love of all things, no discussions in the chat about politics.

•  I will ask for feedback about my process and workflow when I ask for it. Constructive criticism is always welcome because criticism that is constructive will help me grow as an artist.

•  Please speak in the English language. English can be really challenging if English is not your native language so please use Google Translate or similar services when using the Chat.

•  I really like hearing about other people’s (and avatar’s!) talents who are also using Twitch but please respect this stream and do not advertise yourself from out of nowhere.

•  Drama seekers or others looking for a fight are not welcome.

•  Again, show consideration with a sprinkle of respect for others in the Chat and for our Host (Titan).



•  When lurking is your thing, it is all good so you too can enjoy this stream at your own pace.

•  You are more than welcome to interact with our host when you are comfortable. Checkout our list of topics that Titan loves to talk about.

•  Lastly, have some fun and join us for this great, wild ride!