Leverage that software to our will (and stop chasing that tail)

The following is the software I currently use on a regular basis… for as far as the crow flies:

•  Illustrator

•  Photoshop

•  Dimension

•  Aero (Beta)

• Premier Pro

•  After Effects

•  Media Encoder

•  Clo

•  Blender

•  Unity

•  Unreal Engine

•  Daz Studio

•  OBS Studio

•  Visual Studio

I also use Microsoft Word and Excel to help keep me productive and in check.



The most entertaining part is when your Host is trying to get all these different graphics programs to talk to one another properly with one file; but usually that can become quite disastrous.



For those of my Titans who also wrestle with FBX importing and exporting from design engines to 3D development environments know of our plight. But of course, that is all part of the fun, right?